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Lighting Inside & Outside Your Home

Plumbline lighting experts can install the fixtures you choose for every layer of lighting both inside and outside your home.

Lighting your home inside and out reveals its character, highlights architectural details, and provides security to keep you and your family safe. 

When you plan your lighting scheme, it’s important to remember the key is layering:

  • Ambient (general) lighting.

  • Task lighting.

  • Accent lighting.

Inside Your Home

Chandeliers, recessed lights, and ceiling fans with light kits provide the first layer of lighting, the ambient — or general — lighting. Think of ambient lighting as the primary light source controlled by the switch you flip every time you walk into a room. Task lighting can vary. In your living room, it could be a lamp you use for reading. In your kitchen, it may be the pendant light over your sink or the under-cabinet fixtures you use during meal prep. And, finally, accent lighting takes the form of wall sconces that are more decorative than practical and LED rope lights around the crown molding atop your kitchen cabinets. Learn more about our indoor lighting installation services.

Outside Your Home

The light that illuminates your front porch or the post lights along the deck in your backyard is the general — or ambient — lighting that forms the foundation for your outdoor lighting plan. Task lighting outside is all about security: the fixture above your garage door or the lights that line the pathway from the street to your front door. Accent lighting is where you get to have some fun: String lights along the railing of your porch or install a light at the bottom of your water feature. Learn more about our landscape lighting installation services.

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