Furnace and Boiler Tune-Ups for Denver, CO

Prevent a Costly Breakdown. Get a Heating System Tune-Up.

Heating System Tune-up

Professional maintenance not only keeps your furnace or boiler working at peak efficiency, it decreases the chance of it breaking down on a cold Colorado night.

So, what's involved in furnace or boiler maintenance? We're glad you asked. Here's what we do.

Our 22-point furnace inspection

Our  Tune-up is a comprehensive 22-point inspection and basic cleaning that is designed to leave your furnace running at maximum efficiency and ensure safe and reliable operation.   


  • Monitor a complete heat cycle to ensure proper operation
  • Test safety controls
  • Remove, inspect, lubricate and make minor adjustments to the blower wheel and housing
  • Perform gas leak detection and carbon monoxide testing with the unit running
  • Visually inspect the heat exchanger for hot spots and cracks
  • Inspect and adjust the burner assembly
  • Check the ignition system including the flame sensor and igniter
  • Check gas pressures 
  • Check the furnace filter for debris and dirt
  • Check the fan belt (Older Furnaces)
  • Check the thermocouple and pilot (Older furnaces)
  • Take amperage draws on motors 
  • Check for adequate combustion air
  • Airflow performance check
  • Check venting
  • Inspect carbon monoxide alarms and perform a visual safety inspection of the mechanical room and equipment
  • Check the wiring
  • Check the thermostat for proper operation


  • Clean the flame sensor
  • Clean the pilot assembly (Older furnaces)
  • Clean the burner assembly
  • Clean cabinet exterior

No Breakdown Guarantee:

If we provide a clean bill of health and there are any issues during the current heating season we will apply 100% of the cost of the tune-up towards any repairs.

Tune-up schedule slots move fast! Contact us for availability.

Our 18-point boiler tune-up

  1. Clean and inspect boiler burners
  2. Inspect boiler electrical connections
  3. Inspect boiler mechanical zone valves
  4. Test and inspect boiler water entry components
  5. Test and inspect boiler backflow preventor
  6. Place load on boiler and check gas pressure
  7. Check boiler for leaking pipes and valves
  8. Perform combustion analysis on boiler
  9. Inspect boiler circulating pump
  10. Test boiler combustion air and flue exhaust
  11. Inspect and clean boiler fireside surfaces
  12. Inspect boiler door gaskets
  13. Inspect plugs in boiler control piping
  14. Flush boiler and remove all sediments
  15. Inspect boiler pilot electrodes
  16. Clean air damper and blower assemblies
  17. Check motor starter contacts clean and check
  18. Adjust burner for correct combustion
Tune-up schedule slots move fast! Contact us for availability.

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