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Water Heater Tune-Up/Maintenance in Denver

Maintenance Can Help Prevent a Big Water Heater Burst


Maintenance can also keep your water heater working efficiently. For you, that means keeping your energy bills low and your family happy during shower time.

So, what's involved in water heater maintenance? We're glad you asked. Here's what we do:

Our 12-point Water Heater Tune-Up

  1. Safety relief valve checked (this valve ensures your water heater won't explode due to a pressure buildup).
  2. Water shut-off valve for proper operation checked.
  3. Proper temperature range checked.
  4. Drain valve checked.
  5. Burner assembly cleaned.
  6. Gas/electrical supply checked.
  7. Emergency gas shut-off checked.
  8. Draft/ventilation checked.
  9. Flue piping checked.
  10. Carbon monoxide detector checked.
  11. Visible corrosion and stability of tank base checked.
  12. Drain water from tank to flush out sediment (restrictions may apply). 

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