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Plumbline electricians will visit your home for a complimentary consultation to discuss your needs and to determine the right size fan for each room. 

Bring Additional Style and Energy Savings to Your Home


Installing ceiling fans in every room of your home adds style and efficiency no matter the décor of each room. Not only do they increase your overall level of comfort year-round, ceiling fans decrease your energy bills as well. 

In the summer, set your fan to spin counterclockwise for maximum cooling effect. The counterclockwise direction pushes air down and cools it, keeping the temperature of the room more consistent and reducing the need for air conditioning.

During the winter, set your fan to spin clockwise. The action of the fan pulls cool air up and pushes warm air down, counteracting the natural rise of heat. Occupants of the room will stay more comfortable, and your heat should run less as well.

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