ExtraordinAIRy Treasures: July 2019

July 12, 2019

Plumbline Services is pleased to announce the 2019 recipients of the ExtraordinAIRy Treasures scholarships! These five high school seniors were nominated by loved ones as ExtraordinAIRy Treasures to our community. In addition to celebrating all of their accomplishments and hard work, we’ve awarded each recipient a $1,000 scholarship.

This year’s five student honorees are Sarah Camper, Ari Levine, Riley Judd, Alexis Blank, and Katelyn Cranney. These young adults have demonstrated strong character and work ethic through community service, overcoming obstacles, leadership activities, and family commitment. We are so proud to honor and celebrate them with this award. 

Check out the video and photos from the awards event below!

Congratulations again to all of this year’s ExtraordinAIRy Treasures! Check out last year’s winners .

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ExtraordinAIRy Treasures: High School Scholarships: July 2018

July 31, 2018

At the beginning of the year, Plumbline Service began accepting nominations for our 3rd annual ExtraordinAIRy Treasure Scholarship Program. This year we received over 130 exceptional nominations. We then asked our wonderful committee to read through the nominations and narrow it down to only 5. It was a tough process, but we are pleased to say that our final 5 recipients are truly deserving of this honor.

We are extremely excited to introduce you all to our 5 ExtraordinAIRy Treasure Recipients!

Taylor Rapp – Littleton High School

Taylor was nominated by her mother, Heidi. She was the captain of several soccer teams and was considered a leader among her teammates. Taylor is described as tenacious, dependable, coachable and loyal. 2 years ago, she joined the Arapahoe County Sheriffs Explorer Program where she completed a 20-hour training course, 70 hours of community service and served at 3 funerals for fallen deputies. On top of that, she worked at the Polar Plunge, volunteered with the Special Olympics and participated in a National Night Out. Taylor still maintained a 4.1 GPA, was a part of the National Honor Society and varsity soccer. Her dream is to pursue law enforcement and help those in her community that has given her so much.

Allison Winn – Denver School of the Arts

Allison was nominated by her Supervisor in the Counselling Center, Linda. When Allison was 6, she was diagnosed with a brain tumor. To get through the tough times, Allison named the cancer and her treatments, “Stink Bug”. After all of her treatments were over and she was officially in remission, Allison adopted a dog from the Colorado Corrections Industry Canines Training System. The comfort her new friend gave her, gave her an idea! In 2010, Allison made and sold dog biscuits and lemonade, earning enough to pay for a dog and donated it to a child going through cancer treatments. To this day, Allison’s project “Stink Bug” has raised over $100K to purchase trained dogs for patients going through cancer treatments. Her supervisor described her as always willing to help, very modest and a true leader.

Gabriela Blanchard – Ponderosa High School

Gabriela was nominated by her Counselor, Laura. Gabriela reminds her of a hummingbird; petite and dynamo, always moving quickly between numerous commitments and always having a smile on her face. She was Ponderosa High School’s class of 2018 Valedictorian. She has made it her goal to help students find the right activity or organization to get involved in and has led many of the organizations she joined. She helped start the Sources of Strength Program, which helps connect struggling students with trusted adults, positive activities and coping strategies.

Madeline Gross – Arapahoe High School

Madeline was nominated by her friend, Jacqi. From a young age, Madeline was faced with adversity, but was still kind, caring, confident and brilliant. She strives for perfection and can always find the positive in any situation. A few years ago, Madeline became a teen volunteer at the Denver Zoo and has blossomed as a person, volunteer and leader. She mentors new teen volunteers without being asked, has quickly moved up the volunteer ladder and now works alongside the Gorilla and Orangutan Zookeeper. Madeline has completed over 700 volunteer hours and aspires to be a Zoo Veterinarian. 

Gabrielle Moseley – Parker Lutheran High School

Gabrielle was nominated by her mother, Deidre. She is described as fun loving and caring. At the age of 12, Gabrielle became a playing partner with the Special Olympics Parker Power Softball Team. She would help the players hit and run around the bases. She then continued to coach the team for 6 years. Gabrielle has a gift and passion for people with mental and physical disabilities. She also volunteers her free time at the Wellspring Community, a center for adults with special needs. She plans to study Special Education in the fall.

With all the negative news taking over our screens, it is refreshing to know there are ExtraordinAIRy individuals like these 5 young adults in our community. Their futures are bright and we cannot wait to see how they unfold!

$5,000 ExtraordinAIRy Scholarships for 5 High School Graduates: June 2017

June 30, 2017

Plumbline Service's Second Annual ExtraordinAIRy Treasures Scholarship

The ExtraordinAIRy Treasures program recognizes individuals who may otherwise go unnoticed. Many times, scholarships are given to students who are the top of their class in academics or are incredible at their sport. We love these scholarships but we know there are so many other students out there who are deserving of recognition in other ways. That is why the ExtraordinAIRy Treasures program honors individuals who aspire to greatness in everything they do, whether that is serving others, bettering themselves or overcoming challenges. This is our second year of offering this scholarship and it was a complete success. We received over 120 nominations from the Denver community, which made the decision-making process pretty difficult! Thankfully, we had a great team of employees to help us along the way.

After our team read through all the nominations and narrowed them down to the top ten. The top ten was then narrowed down, by our managers, to the five ExtraordinAIRy Treasures who received the scholarships.

There are so many reasons why we choose who we choose, but here is a short description of each of the winners.

  • Clarissa has a special love and affection for children. This has provided motivation for many of the ways she has served and given to others.

  • His (Brenden) high level of commitment and extraordinary character is unusual in today’s youth culture.

  • Amanda finds creative, positive ways to work through and around the challenges presented; and she does it with a smile and encouraging word for her neighbor.

  • Willie has been an exemplary leader who has organized and severed alongside others at numerous community service projects and outreaches.

  • While kindness and compassion are the characteristics some would mention first in regards to Abbie, others, especially her coaches and teammates, are likely to mention her grit and perseverance - especially in the face of a challenge.

    At the end of last month, we invited each of the recipients and their families to our office to celebrate their accomplishments. We were honored to share a meal with them and get to know them even better. This is such an inspiring group of people and we can’t wait to see what they do next!

$10,000 ExtraordinAIRy Scholarships for 5 High School Graduates: July 2016

July 7, 2016

Plumbline Services Awards $2,000 ExtraordinAIRy Treasures Scholarships to 5 High School Senior Graduates

ExtraordinAIRy Treasures Scholarships are based on who a graduate is at heart. They honor graduates who are ExtraordinAIRy Treasures to our future. They are individuals who inspire others to greatness whether it be through leading by example, overcoming challenges, serving others, being determined to better themselves or living a life of love and compassion.

We selected the following five outstanding students who are ExtraordinAIRy Treasures to the Denver community and presented each with a plaque and $2,000 on July, 19th at our office in Centennial, CO.

  • Cody LeBlanc: 2016 graduate of Fort Lupton High School 
  • Nicole Steiner: 2016 graduate of Legend High School 
  • William Smith: 2016 graduate of Standley Lake High School 
  • Jorge Porras: 2016 graduate of Heritage High School 
  • Olivia Koontz: 2016 graduate of Standley Lake High School 

Here’s the interesting part, our five chosen recipients did not apply for the scholarship; they were each nominated for consideration by parents, teachers, guidance counselors, coaches, pastors and friends. These nominators wrote essays about why the students were ExtraordinAIRy Treasures to our future.

We were blown away by the stories of each of these individuals. From overcoming challenges to volunteering hundreds of hours and dedicating their time, effort and money to local charity efforts, they are true inspirations who are making a difference in the world. Meeting these individuals and their families in person solidified how impressive these students truly are, and we know as they head off to college and the next chapter of their lives, they will continue to impact the lives of those around them. 

It is our true joy and honor to give back to the community we serve. We look forward to when we will begin the enrollment for 2017 ExtraordinAIRy Treasures nominations