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Doing What's Just to Earn Your Trust—Since 1998

This is what he showed me: The Lord was standing by a wall that had been built true to plumb, with a plumb line in his hand.Amos 7:7

In everything we do, whether it's in the office or in your home, we strive to do what's right. But what does "right" mean to us? What standard are we measuring ourselves against? The answer is hidden in our company's name.

A "plumb line" is a string attached to a weight. Its purpose is to ensure that something is upright and straight. It provides an objective standard against which one can measure what he has built.

Our "plumb line"—our test for doing what's right—is doing what's true, fair, and upright according to the moral standards set by God.

Jeff Belk, our founder, used that standard to create our company's Core Values.

These values inhabit every nook and cranny of Plumbline Services. Meaning these are the values we hire by. Fire by. And—most importantly for you—live by.

Our 6 Core Values

1) Faith: Honoring Christ through all our activities.

The cornerstone of our business. Without it, we have nothing! It's the foundation of our existence both personally and professionally.

2) Ethical: How we do business is as equally important as the business we do

An essential lens that all business decisions must be viewed through. We are committed to do what is right—without exception.

3) Character: Fundamentally essential to a sustained organization

Team members must have healthy moral beliefs that make it possible to earn the right to serve our clients (that's you) and exceed expectations.

4) Excellence: Striving for perfection at all levels of our business—because it's the right thing to do

We are a service organization with a spirit to serve. We aspire to deliver more than promised and be a model of excellence in all we do.

5) Leadership: Leaders create leaders—by vision and empowerment, coupled with action

We lead by example, even when it's not popular. We exist to develop people first and provide home services second. Leadership isn't a noun, it's a verb!

6) Stewardship: The intentional desire to employ wisdom and obedience in all our endeavors.

We practice and encourage others to give back, contribute, and advance others through opportunities and blessings we've received.

We hope to hear from you soon.

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