Colorado Consumer Protection Act Request Form

Under the Colorado Consumer Protection Act (CPA), Colorado residents are entitled to make certain requests regarding the personal information that Plumbline Services holds, shares, or uses about them. Please review Wrench Group’s Privacy Policy for further information on what information we collect and why we collect it.
If you are a Colorado resident and would like to submit a request under CPA, please complete the below form. We ask that you provide this information so that we can verify your identity and respond to your request.

Plumbline Services reserves the right to refuse requests, in part or in whole, to the extent permitted by law, if we are unable to verify your identity, or if we cannot verify your authority to act on behalf of another person.

For certain requests, we may ask for additional information or documents to verify the identity of the consumer who is the subject of the request. The information provided through this form will be used to respond to your request, including verifying identity, identifying personal information responsive to your request, and keeping records of your request.

The completed and signed Request Form should be submitted either:

  • Via email at with the subject line “CCPA Request,” or
  • Click the "Do Not Sell Request" or "Customer Data Request" button below.