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How Much Does a Sump Pump Installation Cost in Denver?

The cost to install a sump pump in Denver is usually around $450–$2,600, with most homeowners paying around $1,100.

Your installation cost will vary, depending on:

  • What type of sump pump do you install
  • The sump pump’s size
  • If you need to install a sump reservoir
  • Whether you include a backup battery
  • The Denver plumber you hire

We’ll cover each factor in more detail below.

Factors that impact your sump pump installation cost

Factor #1: Type of sump pump

There are 2 main types of sump pumps: pedestal (less expensive) and submersible (more expensive). We’ll cover the difference between the 2 below.


Pedestal sump pumps normally cost somewhere between $60 and $170 (not including labor costs).

As the name implies, pedestal sump pumps consist of a motor on top of a pedestal. The pump draws water through a hose that goes down into the sump reservoir.

Compared to submersible models (see section below), pedestal sump pumps:

  • Cost less
  • Last longer (25–30 years compared to 10–15 years)
  • Are easier to access because they sit above the reservoir, not in it


Submersible sump pumps can cost anywhere from $100 to $400 (not including labor costs).

While pedestal sump pumps sit above the sump reservoir to pump water out, submersible sump pumps sit inside of it.

Compared to pedestal models, submersible sump pumps:

  • Are quieter and take up less space (because they sit in the reservoir)
  • Have stronger motors, making them more suitable for flood-prone areas
  • Aren’t prone to clogging

Factor #2: Sump pump size

The larger the sump pump, the more it will cost to install.

Sump pumps are sized in horsepower and range from ¼- to 1-horsepower. If your sump pump will run regularly, we recommend going with at least a ½-horsepower unit. You might want to go with a more powerful unit if:

  • Parts of your home tend to flood or experience water damage
  • The ground slopes toward your home (negative grading)
  • Water pools in your yard for more than a day after it rains

Factor #3: Sump reservoir

You’ll pay more if you’re installing a new sump pump or upgrading to a larger one (as opposed to replacing your current sump pump with one of the same sizes).

That’s because your plumber will need to cut into your basement floor to dig the hole for the (new) sump reservoir, which will require special machinery—especially if you have a concrete foundation (as most Colorado homes do)—and more labor on the plumber’s end.

Factor #4: Backup battery

If you buy a backup battery for your sump pump, that will add to your overall installation cost.

Your sump pump runs on electricity. A backup battery will attach to your sump pump and automatically kick on in the event of a power outage (seen quite often here in Denver). This small additional cost of a battery often outweighs what you’ll pay in flood damage and restoration costs.

See, if your power goes out your sump pump won’t run, which means your home could flood—especially if the power goes out during a storm. Installing a backup battery will make sure your sump pump runs whether or not you have power, saving you from paying for expensive water damage repairs.

Factor #5: Plumber

You’ll pay more for a better-quality plumber.

That being said, a high-quality plumber is worth the higher cost in the long run. Higher quality plumbers have the tools and know-how to recommend the right size sump pump for your Denver area home, and to properly install it for you.

A poor-quality plumber will most likely give a general size recommendation, which could result in an undersized (and overworked) sump pump that doesn’t meet your needs.

Not sure what a high-quality plumber looks like? You’ll know a plumber is top-notch if they:

  • Are licensed and insured, so you know they’ll follow proper codes
  • Have good online reviews on sites like Facebook, Google and Better Business Bureau
  • Give you a written price quote before they install your sump pump

We’ll send one of our plumbers to your home to help you find the right size sump pump for your home. Then, we’ll give you an upfront price quote and install your sump pump for you.

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