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Cost to Replace an AC Compressor in Denver, CO

So, your AC compressor bit the dust and now you’re wondering how much it will cost to replace it.

Well, an AC compressor replacement in Denver costs anywhere from $2,200 to over $3,500.

Yeah, we know. It’s expensive. So expensive, in fact, that most homeowners end up asking us, “Should I replace just my AC compressor or my central air conditioner?”

Our professional answer? Well, it really depends on how old your AC system is (and a few other factors). Here’s what we mean…

If your compressor is less than 1 year old

Our professional suggestion: Replace just the compressor.

Here’s why: If your compressor is less than 1 year old, it most likely is still covered under both your parts and labor warranty. These types of issues most commonly fall under air conditioning repairs and can be done with little to no time delay. Which means you shouldn’t have to pay anything out of pocket to replace your compressor. Check with your installer to be sure your labor warranty is still valid, first.

If your compressor is over 10 years old

Our professional suggestion: Replace the entire AC system, not just the outside unit.

Here’s why: If your air conditioner is 10 years old (or older), you should start thinking about replacing it with a more efficient model anyway. According to Energy Star, you could end up saving 20% on cooling costs by replacing a 10-year-old AC with a newer, more efficient model.

But there’s another reason you should replace the entire system and not just the outside unit: It’s important for the indoor and outdoor units to match.

You see, your air conditioner is made up of two units that work together: your indoor air handler and your outdoor condenser. But when one unit has a higher SEER (measurement of efficiency) than the other unit, this puts stress on the AC system and can even cause the system to die prematurely.

If your compressor is somewhere in between

Our professional suggestion: If you’re not sure whether you should replace just your compressor or your entire air conditioner, consider the 3 factors below and then make a judgement call.

3 factors to consider:

  • Does your system need frequent repairs?
  • Are your cooling bills much higher than they used to be?
  • Does your system use R-22 refrigerant?
  • Have you noticed your AC provides less comfort than it used to?

If you answered yes to any of the above, you probably want to lean toward replacing your entire AC system.

We suggest discussing your particular situation first with a professional. They can inspect your system and let you know what will work best for your wallet and your comfort.

Looking at a compressor replacement? Here are the factors that affect cost

How many speeds your new compressor has

The more speeds an AC compressor has, the more expensive it is. 3 types of compressor speeds include:

  1. A single stage compressor has only one speed: high.
  2. A two-stage compressor has 2 speeds: high and low.
  3. A variable speed compressor has unlimited speeds and can adjust its output according to the amount of cool air needed at any given time.

Size of AC

The larger the tonnage of your AC unit, the more expensive your compressor will be. Most residential AC units range from 1-ton to 5-ton units. The larger the tonnage, the more powerful—and expensive—the compressor.

The contractor you hire

Experienced, high-quality contractors generally charge more than less experienced contractors. Want to choose the best contractor but not sure where to start? Check out our blog, “7 Things to Look for in the Best HVAC Contractor in Denver, CO”.

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