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Need to Rewire Your House?

We have a specialist for that.

In a hurry to update your home's electrical wiring?

We offer:

  • Same-day service

  • FREE price estimates

  • Solid 1-year parts and labor warranty

  • Two whole-home rewiring options:

    • Installing new copper wiring.

    • "Pigtailing" existing aluminum wiring.

How It Works

Price: How much does it cost to rewire my Denver home?

Rewiring a home in the Denver area can cost anywhere from $2,000 to $20,000.

Want to learn more about the factors that affect the cost of rewiring? Check out our in-depth blog, "How Much Does It Cost to Rewire a Denver Home?"

Want more specific pricing? The only way we can give you an accurate price is through a free in-home estimate. However, we can say that the price varies based on these factors:

  • The size of your home:

    The larger your home, the more it will cost to rewire it. That's because a larger home has more wiring to update, which increases time, labor, and materials needed to complete the job.

  • Replacing old wiring vs. "pigtailing":

    Completely replacing aluminum wiring is more expensive than just "pigtailing" it because it requires cutting out walls/drywall. Pigtailing refers to only updating the aluminum wiring at connections points (outlets, switches, fixtures, etc.) and is the less expensive option. Learn more about replacing vs. repairing aluminum wiring.

  • Whether your home also needs an electrical panel upgrade:

    If you have an older home with an electrical panel that provides less than 100 amps, you'll probably need to upgrade it to accommodate your home's new wiring and electronics. Learn more about upgrading your electrical panel.

  • Financing available*: Tight budget?

     Fear not. We have flexible financing options.

*With approved credit.

Customer Testimonial

"Scrupulous, detailed, and clean work."

Outstanding service. Provided me with multiple options and quotes. Despite several unexpected issues, Plumbline's electrician (Eric) spent a great deal of time troubleshooting to make sure that issues were resolved same day, including making extra calls and waiting for taller ladder and checking multiple outlets due to odd original wiring. Incredibly professional staff — punctual (including courtesy call before arrival), detailed explanations of options (and honest appraisal of need and implications of not pursuing work), scrupulous, detailed and clean work.

Betsy K.