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Need a New Electrical Panel?

We Have an Electrician for That. 

Whether you need a

  • fuse box upgrade, 
  • FPE panel replacement, 
  • or circuit breaker repair, 

our electricians have the know-how and training to take care of your electric panel needs day and night. 

Your home's electrical panel is the hub of your electrical system.

  • The electrical panel (breaker box) divides your home into separate circuits, each of which can be separately controlled. 

  • Just like any other component of a home, the breaker box can be subject to wear and tear over time since it's responsible for the performance of your home's electrical system. 

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How It Works

Price: How much does it cost to replace/upgrade an electrical panel?

The only way we can give you an accurate price is through a calling for a free in-home estimate. However, we can say that the price varies based on these factors:

  • Difficulty of installation: Installing a new panel to overhead service lines is harder than to underground service lines. The more difficult the installation, the more it costs.

  • Panel's amp rating: The panel will cost more or less depending on how much electric current (amps) it needs to handle. Your Electrical Care Professional will help you determine your electrical panel's amp rating.

  • Location of the service: Is the panel being moved or is it being replaced in the same location? Moving it costs more than a simple replacement.

  • Financing available*Tight budget? Fear not. We have flexible financing options.

*With approved credit.

Customer Testimonial

"Now I can sleep soundly knowing that all my electrical issues have been rectified."

I had Troy B. out to my home to work on some pesky electrical issues. With a high level of detail and professionalism rarely found anymore, Troy navigated the issues with ease, was able to troubleshoot multiple problems quickly, and fixed them all completely in a timely manner. I wish I had more superlatives to describe how amazing Troy was. Due to his excellent work I became a C.A.P. member and couldn't be more pleased with the results. Now I can sleep soundly knowing that all my electrical issues have been rectified by a trustworthy electrician. I would highly recommend Troy and Plumbline Services to any of my friends or family!

Kevin R.