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We have a team of talented and knowledgeable professionals in Dacono, CO, who can address your needs, like problems with drains, furnaces, air conditioners and more.

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Air Conditioning

Trouble with your home's air conditioning system? Whether you need AC repair, service, or installation, our HVAC specialists in Dacono can help.



Furnace or heat pump not blowing hot air? Want it repaired or need a new one? Our heating specialists in the Dacono area are ready to help.



Clogged drains? No problem. Leaks? No problem. Water heater not working? No problem. Our Dacono plumbers specialize in many common plumbing repairs and installations, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 



If it's got wires, our electricians are able to fix or install it.

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Common Electrical Problems in Dacono, CO 


My Light Switches Aren’t Working Properly


It’s usual for light switches to stop working, especially when they are on different circuits and pole switches. Whether it is connected to a garbage disposal or a dimmer, there are a few reasons why light switches may stop working.


The light switch itself could be broken and needs a simple replacement. A fuse could be burned out, which calls for a trip to the circuit box. Often, people attribute a flickering light to a broken light switch, which could be the case if the bulb is improperly screwed in and working at full power. A more serious cause could be a hot or buzzing switch, which is an immediate fire risk and must be addressed right away. 


The professionals at Plumbline are equipped to address electrical needs with seasoned knowledge that will keep your home safe from fire risks and all your switches working as they should. We also offer expert advice to help you watch for future issues or avoid creating problems moving forward, and can help you save money while achieving the best solution.

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