Comfort Assurance Plan (CAP)

Goodbye, Costly Breakdowns. Hello, Precious Peace of Mind.

Plumbing Maintenance Plan

What is the Comfort Assurance Plan?

Our Comfort Assurance Plan is a customized maintenance plan for your home's plumbing, heating, cooling and/or electrical equipment. Just choose what equipment you want to keep running efficiently and reliably all year long, and we'll send a certified, trained professional to inspect and maintain that equipment once a year.

This proactive maintenance will:

  • Keep equipment warranties valid
  • Reduce the chance of costly breakdowns
  • Extend the life of your home's comfort equipment

When you become a CAP member, you get:

  • Annual maintenance—Get HVAC, plumbing and/or electrical maintenance—you choose!
  • Repair discounts—Save up to 15% on repairs.
  • Installation discounts—Get exclusive discounts on installations and upgrades.
  • Free service calls—Never pay the $49 minimum service fee.
  • No fees for emergency calls—Never pay for emergency service and after hours fees ($125 value).
  • Emergency scheduling—Get emergency service before non-CAP members

How the Comfort Assurance Plan works:

1) Build your custom maintenance plan

Choose the equipment that you want us to maintain annually: HVAC, plumbing, or electrical. (See pricing options below).

2) Pay upfront

You'll pay upfront for the first year. After that year, you'll be billed monthly to keep your membership status. There's no cost to cancel.

3) Receive maintenance reminders

When it's time for your selected equipment to get maintenance, your CAP Concierge, Beth, will contact you to schedule an appointment time that's convenient for you.

4) Get maintenance + detailed records

A trained, certified professional will come to your home with a detailed list of items that need to be inspected. They will thoroughly check the integrity of your system and give you a complete written report. This report is also kept on file for you at Plumbline Services.

5) Enjoy perks year round

You'll get benefits our other clients don't have access to: discounts on repairs, special deals on installations, free service calls—and more.

Maintenance plan options + pricing

Choose the equipment you want to cover and add up the price. That's how much you'll pay each year.

  • Furnace only: $99
  • Furnace + AC: $198
  • Boiler: $149
  • Electronic air cleaner*: $20
  • Infrared light*: $10
  • Humidifier*: $20
  • Plumbing system: $99
  • Water heater*: $20
  • Electrical system: $99

*Maintenance for these items must be purchased with system plan. For example, if you want the "electronic air cleaner" option, you must also purchase the "furnace only" or "furnace + AC" option.

Discount options:
  • Sign up for 3-year service: save 5%
  • Sign up for 5-year service: save 10%
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