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The Best Way to Switch from AC to Heating

After a hot summer, there is nothing better than the arrival of cooler weather and fall activities. Chilly temperatures in the air mean it’s time for gorgeous fallen leaves, comfy sweaters, and evenings spent by the fireplace. It also means turning off the AC and flooding your home with heat once again.

However, before you flip the switch and crank out the warm air, there are a few things you should do first. To learn about the best way to switch from AC to heating, keep reading below!

Preparing Ahead of Time

The best time to switch from air conditioning to heating is before fall has officially arrived. While the summer is still going strong, it’s best to do a test run of your heat. Doing it before the cold seeps in will ensure that nothing is wrong with your heat before you desperately need it.

If you find something is wrong, you can call your trusted Denver heating repair technicians at Plumbline. We will be able to fix any issues with your furnace before the cold weather hits and you and your family are stuck wearing coats and hats inside.

Cleaning Your Equipment

Before making your switch, it’s necessary to give your heater some much needed TLC.

Be Ready for the Smell

When you first turn on your heater to start the new season, you will smell the distinct odor of burning. This is totally normal. It’s simply dust burning off the furnace and will go away shortly.

Don’t Forget to Start up Your Humidifier

Since Colorado has such a dry climate, humidifiers are a must for any home to keep the humidity at a comfortable level. Winter is the driest season during the year in Colorado, which is why it’s extra important your humidifier is up and running at the start of the fall season. When the weather starts to grow cold, check that all your equipment is working and is cleaned of any mold or bacteria. If your humidifier is attached to your system, make sure to turn it on along with your furnace. If you have plug-in humidifiers, move them to the areas they are supposed to be running.

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