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How Much Does It Cost to Install Outdoor/Landscape Lighting in Denver?

Ready to give your front or backyard the attention it deserves? Outdoor lighting provides subtle or dramatic illumination to show off your outdoor assets.

But how much will it cost you to add outdoor lights?

The biggest factor that determines pricing is the number of light fixtures you need. 

However, other factors that will affect the price of your outdoor lighting installation include:

  • The kind of lighting system you choose
  • Whether you’re adding lighting around existing landscape or not
  • The quality of the electrician you choose

4 factors that affect the cost to install outdoor lighting

1. The amount of light fixtures

The more lights you need, the higher the cost of the project. As we mentioned above, installing 6 lights means a significantly lower price than installing 20.

That’s because, the more lights you need, the more you’ll have to pay for:

  • The light fixtures themselves 
  • The labor required to install and run wiring for each fixture

2. The kind of lighting system

Three of the most common outdoor lighting systems, listed from least to most expensive, include:

  • Solar
  • Low-voltage (LED)
  • Line-voltage


Solar-powered lighting systems are simple to set up because they don’t require any wiring. While solar fixtures themselves are often higher priced than low-voltage or line-voltage fixtures, the ease of installation (i.e., low labor costs) and the savings on electricity will quickly pay back the higher fixture prices.


Low-voltage lighting systems are extremely popular because they’re easy to install and are safer than line-voltage systems (line-voltage systems use 120V while low-voltage systems use only 12V). Low-voltage wires do not need to be placed underground—only hidden under mulch, shrubbery or shallow trenches for aesthetic reasons. Most homeowners opt for LED low-voltage fixtures for low operational costs. The one downside? Low-voltage systems require the installation of a transformer, which slightly increases the cost of labor and materials.


Line-voltage systems are labor intensive. Because these systems use 120V, the cables must be buried at least 18” underground, protected by conduit and enclosed in sealed, waterproof junction boxes at any connection point. Line-voltage fixtures are often large and put out a lot of light—which makes it an ideal system for very large areas with tall trees/structures.

3. Whether you’re adding lights around existing landscape or not

If you have a yard with existing shrubbery, trees and decorative structures, the cost of the installation will increase.

That’s because your installer will have to implant light fixtures and run/bury wiring in very confined spaces (so as not to disturb the aesthetics of your existing setup).

Additionally, the contractor may need to retrofit any existing wiring, which can increase installation costs by 20–25% or more.

4. Quality of contractor

Higher quality and more experienced electricians often come with higher outdoor lighting installation prices but they also:

  • Prevent future electrical dangers
  • Help lower your monthly electrical costs
  • Offer better warranties
  • Build a landscape lighting design customized to your needs/budget
  • Can finish the installation job faster than low quality, inexperienced electricians

Not sure who to contact for your landscape lighting install? We suggest looking for an electrician who:

  • Is licensed and insured by the state of Colorado
  • Has experience in outdoor lighting installations
  • Offers a free consultation and estimate in writing—before any work begins
  • Can provide 2–3 references of past landscape lighting jobs
  • Has solid reviews on sites such as BBB, Yelp and Google+

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