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How Much Does It Cost to Install a Garbage Disposal in Denver, CO?

The average cost to install a garbage disposal in Denver is around $450.

The cost of a new garbage disposal varies depending on these 3 main factors:

  1. Garbage disposal features
  2. Your kitchen’s existing electrical wiring
  3. The plumbing contractor you choose

Let’s explore these 3 cost factors in more detail.

Cost factor #1: Garbage disposal features

Garbage disposals have the following main price features:

  • Power: Garbage disposal power is measured in horsepower (hp). Higher horsepower disposals are more expensive, but they’ll save you a lot of hassle in the long run because smaller horsepower models will clog more and cause more problems. If your family eats out a lot and doesn’t cook much, we recommend going with a ½ hp disposal. If your family does cook a lot, go with a ¾ hp disposal.
  • Auto-reverse mode: This is a setting on some garbage disposals that reverses the spinning blades to clear jammed waste.
  • Noise: Larger, heavier garbage disposals will generally be quieter, but they’ll also cost more. To prevent sound caused by vibrations, look for disposals that have sound shielding and anti-vibration features, like noise-reducing sink mounts and tailpipes.
  • Warranty: Garbage disposals can come with one-year to lifetime warranties. Generally, the longer the warranty, the more expensive the disposal will be.

Cost factor #2: Your kitchen’s existing electrical wiring

Electrical wiring and plumbing connections of garbage disposal under kitchen sink.

If your kitchen’s electrical system needs to be rewired or repaired, the total installation cost will increase based on parts and labor. Let’s look at two situations where your home’s electrical wiring may need some work.

  • Faulty wiring: If you’re replacing an old garbage disposal, your plumber may find faulty wiring or other electrical repair work that needs to be fixed before a new disposal can be properly installed. For example, if the electrical wires are hardwired to the disposal, your plumber will need to change them to the plug outlet for safety.
  • Installing a garbage disposal for the first time: If this is your home’s first garbage disposal, your plumber will probably need to add a grounded outlet and electrical wiring to your kitchen in order to power the disposal.

Cost factor #3: The plumbing contractor you choose

The price to install the new disposal unit can vary based on how the contractor charges:

  • Hourly pricing— You’re charged the cost of the unit plus the number of hours it takes to install the unit.
  • Flat-rate pricing—Once the disposal unit is chosen, you pay a fixed fee to have it installed.

Many homeowners prefer flat-rate pricing because no matter how long the installation takes, you won’t be charged extra. Also, you’ll know the cost of the installation upfront before any work begins. 

So, when looking for contractors, ask how they charge: hourly or flat-rate. Keep in mind that the hourly estimate could end up more than the flat-rate quote.

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