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Furnace Repair in Littleton: “Why Isn’t My Furnace Heating?”

One of the most common calls we get during winter is that the furnace won’t turn on.

So, it was no surprise when we got a call from Veronica S., a Littleton homeowner, saying that she came home to a house with no heat. We didn't want to leave her and her three girls in the cold, so we dispatched Billy, one of our furnace specialists, to check things out.

Once Billy arrived, he started inspecting the entire heating system for issues. This is a diagnostic. During the diagnostic, Billy found that the furnace’s high-voltage fuse had blown.

So, what exactly is a fuse, and why would it blowing prevent a furnace from running? Let us explain.

Fuses: A Quick Explanation

A fuse is basically an older version of a circuit breaker.

The fuse’s job is to protect the furnace from an electrical overload. Here’s how the fuse works: When too much electric current flows through the fuse, its metal wire melts, interrupting the electrical circuit it connects. Once the fuse interrupts the circuit, the furnace cannot turn on.

Diagram of a fuse with a broken fuse wire. Source: Tutor Vista

Now you know why Veronica’s furnace would not turn on: Her furnace’s fuse detected a high current and sacrificed itself to interrupt the flow of electricity to the furnace. While this saved the furnace from damage, it also left Veronica and her girls without heat.

The Solution: Replace the Fuse

Billy replaced the fuse and continued his diagnostic. No other problems showed up and the furnace started working again.

Had the fuse blown again, Billy would have had to inspect further to find the root problem, like an electrical short circuit.

The Client’s Feedback

“Billy was HONEST and PROFESSIONAL! He was on time and kind. He went above and beyond to diagnose the issue with our furnace. I without a doubt will refer Billy to friends and family!!! And will be certain to ask for him by name the next time we are in need of Plumbline Services” - Veronica S from Littleton. (Google review 3/18/16)

Need a Furnace Repair in Littleton?

Plumbline has got your back. We have been repairing furnaces and heating systems in Littleton homes for years. Our HVAC technicians are trained, experienced, and ready to provide with high-quality customer service when heating issues occur. Of all the comforts that we provide, the most important one is trust. And the reason we value it most is because we do whatever it takes to earn it.

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