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How Much Does It Cost to Install a Light Fixture in My Denver Home?

Need a professional to install your new light fixture?

Here’s what you’ll pay: The cost to install a light fixture in Denver ranges from $100 to $850+, with most homeowners paying around $225.

However, what you’ll pay within that price range depends on the following factors:

  1. The light fixture you choose
  2. Whether there’s existing wiring or not
  3. The age and condition of your home’s wiring
  4. The electrician you hire

Let’s go into more detail about each of these factors to give you a better idea of what you could end up paying...

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Factor #1: The light fixture you choose

The type of light fixture you choose will largely determine your total cost.

You see, some light fixtures require more labor to install, which makes the total project more expensive.

Below are common lighting fixtures with the cost to install each:

Note: The prices below are per individual light.

Surface-mounted lights ($100 to $400)

Examples of surface-mounted lights include:

  • Pendant lights
  • Chandeliers
  • Ceiling fan/light combos
  • Track lighting

Energy-saving, low voltage models will typically be more expensive.

Fluorescent lights ($100 to $300)

Fluorescent lights use very little energy and are commonly used in garages and other closed areas.

Wall-mounted light ($100 to $260)

Wall-mounted lights are perfect for mirrors (bathrooms or a vanity in a bedroom) because they illuminate the face well.

Recessed light ($150 to $450)

Recessed lights are concealed behind a ceiling or wall, so only the light itself is exposed. Recessed lighting is more expensive but can be more aesthetically pleasing.

Learn more about recessed lighting and the average cost of recessed lighting in our article, “How Much Does It Cost to Install Recessed Lighting in Denver?

Factor #2: Whether there’s existing wiring or not

If you’re installing a light where no wiring exists, this will increase the cost of the project.

Why? Well, if there is no wiring to support your light fixture, a professional will have to run wiring from your home’s main service panel to the light’s location.

Running wire can get expensive because it involves:

  • Cutting holes in the ceiling/wall
  • Connecting the new electrical wire to a power source
  • Adding a base for the light (which means possibly drilling through stud work)

The cheapest option is to simply replace an old lighting fixture with a new one in the same place. Since the electrician can typically use the existing electrical line, this reduces the labor and material costs.

Factor #3: The age and condition of your home’s wiring

If your home’s wiring is old (20+ years) or in poor condition, the electrician may have to replace the old wiring, which will increase the overall cost.

While it may cost more upfront, in the long run it’s better to have an electrician replace old or worn wiring because you avoid problems like…

  • Damage to the light fixture caused by worn out wiring
  • Electrical hazards (like an electrical fire caused by frayed wires)

Factor #4: The electrician you hire

More experienced electricians generally charge more for their installation services, but they also do better work than low-priced, inexperienced electricians.

Hiring an experienced electrician means your new light fixture will be installed correctly and safely, which prevents future electrical dangers.

To find an experienced electrician, make sure they…

  • Are licensed and insured by the state of Colorado
  • Have experience installing residential light fixtures
  • Offer a WRITTEN estimate before the work begins
  • Have good customer reviews on sites like Google+ and Better Business Bureau

One of our certified electricians will give you a fair estimate of the cost to install a new light fixture.

Our electricians service homes in the following areas:

  • Denver
  • Lakewood
  • Golden
  • Parker
  • Littleton
  • And many more

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