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4 Reasons Coloradoans Should Get Their Furnace Cleaned Every Year

If you’ve lived on the front range through a winter season, you know that you spend a ton of money on heating. In fact, heating is the single largest energy expense for most Colorado homeowners.

So, when homeowners ask if it’s worth it to get annual furnace cleaning and maintenance, we always tell them yes.

Here are the top 4 reasons you should get your furnace cleaned and maintained every year.

Reason #1: It lowers your monthly energy bills

Imagine trying to exercise while wearing thick, restrictive clothing. It’d make for a much tougher workout, right? In fact, you’d likely have to exert a lot more energy than usual.

This is what happens to your HVAC system when you don’t have it cleaned regularly. Over time, a thick layer of dirt, dust and oil builds up and coats the inner components of your furnace. This layer of grime makes it harder for your furnace to operate, which means it consumes more electricity than usual.

During a routine furnace cleaning, though, an HVAC tech cleans out the dirt and oil from inside your furnace. This helps reduce the electricity it consumes and lowers your monthly energy bills.

Reason #2: It prevents furnace repairs

The thick layer of dirt that builds up inside your furnace not only increases energy bills, but it can also do harm to certain furnace components.

For example, your furnace blower motor is usually the first component to get hit when dust and dirt enter your furnace. Dusty blower wheel fins and bearings put extra strain on the motor, which can eventually lead to a burnt-out blower motor (a $900 to $1,800 repair) or, worse, a cracked heat exchanger (a $3,500 to $5,00 repair).

Cleaning out the dirt and dust annually keeps all components operating with ease and prevents expensive repairs on your heating system.

Reason #3: It extends your furnace’s lifespan

When your furnace operates smoothly and without added strain, it lives longer. Simple as that. On the flip side, if you neglect your furnace for years, it will live a short, energy-hogging life.

Reason #4: It keeps your furnace warranty valid

This one’s a big one, folks. What most homeowners don’t realize is that if they skip even one annual check-up, most manufacturers will automatically void your furnace warranty.

Why? Well, manufacturers know that repairs come quickly when a furnace doesn’t get regular maintenance. And picking up your repair bill isn’t exactly something manufacturers want to do–especially when the repair could have easily been avoided.

To keep your furnace warranty valid, make sure that you schedule furnace maintenance with a licensed professional every year (and keep the receipt!).

Pro tip: Schedule furnace maintenance in the fall

Don’t wait until the heating season hits in full force. Why? The simple truth is that HVAC techs get booked quickly. So, if you want to have your furnace maintained when it’s convenient for you, schedule ahead of time and beat the crowd.

Plus, the earlier you have your furnace maintained, the more you save over the course of the winter.

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