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Is Your Furnace Struggling To Keep Your Home Warm?

If your Centennial home failing to maintain warmth during the winter due to issues with your gas or electric furnace, don't worry! Our skilled furnace technicians in Centennial are at your service, equipped to tackle a range of furnace and heating system problems, swiftly restoring your comfort. And rest assured, we back our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Identifying Heating System Issues

If your home's heating system is under performing or not working, it could be due to a variety of underlying issues. Be vigilant for these eight indicators that might suggest problems with your heating or furnace system:

  1. Short-cycling: Your heating system or furnace frequently switches on and off.
  2. Thermostat Adjustments: You constantly need to tweak the thermostat to maintain a comfortable temperature.
  3. Dry Indoor Air: There's an increase in airborne dust particles and excessively dry indoor air.
  4. Unusual Noises: Your heating system or furnace is making strange sounds.
  5. Pilot Light Color: The pilot light is yellow instead of the standard steady blue flame.
  6. Increased Electricity Bills: You notice unexpected surges in your electricity bills without a significant rise in usage.
  7. Frequent Breakdowns: Your system requires recurring repairs and breaks down often.

If you observe any of these warning signs in your Centennial home, don't hesitate to contact our experts. We're available 24/7, ready to address your heating repair needs.

At Plumbline, We Service Makes and Models

Our team of furnace specialists in Centennial have experience with addressing various components of your HVAC system, including gas and electric furnaces, boilers, heat pumps, air ductwork, and thermostats.

When you reach out, here's what you can expect from our furnace repair professionals:

  • You will receive a courtesy call 20-30 minutes prior to their arrival.
  • Upon arrival our technicians will perform an exhaustive evaluation accompanied by diagnostic tests using specialized tools and equipment to inspect electrical connections, gas supply, pressure levels, and temperature readings. This will help pinpoint the precise issue causing the furnace malfunction, whether it's a defective igniter, a dysfunctional blower motor, a blocked air filter, a damaged heat exchanger, or any other component-related problem.
  • Throughout the process you will receive transparent communication about the problem and the possible solutions, enabling you to make an informed decision.
  • You'll receive a guaranteed upfront price, avoiding any unexpected surprises. Execution of necessary repairs followed by comprehensive testing to ensure the furnace functions correctly.

Get Ahead Of Colder Months With A Furnace Tune-Up

We provide a comprehensive 21-point furnace inspection and basic maintenance service, specifically designed to boost efficiency, ensure dependable operation, and offer you peace of mind with our No Breakdown Guarantee, all customized for Centennial residents.

During our comprehensive tune-up, we closely monitor an entire heat cycle to verify your furnace's correct operation. This includes safety control testing, gas leak detection, and carbon monoxide assessments to prioritize your safety. Our competent technicians also scrutinize vital components such as the heat exchanger, burner assembly, ignition system, and gas pressures to assure peak performance.

Alongside the inspection, our team undertakes crucial cleaning tasks to uphold your furnace's efficiency. We clean the flame sensor, pilot assembly (for older furnaces), and burner assembly to ensure reliable ignition and proper combustion. Furthermore, we spruce up the cabinet exterior to enhance your furnace's overall aesthetics.

If your furnace successfully passes the inspection and any issues emerge during the current heating season, we'll credit 100% of the tune-up cost toward any necessary repairs.

Serving Centennial, CO For Over 25 Years

We strive for extraordinary service:

  • Certified and trained HVAC service technicians
  • 24-hour furnace repair service, including evenings and weekends
  • Two-year parts warranty on all repairs with a maintenance agreement
  • Fully stocked service and maintenance vehicles to meet your needs now
  • Performance furnace tune-ups
  • 100% customer satisfaction guarantee

What to expect from your furnace repair

  • Fast

    With our fully-stocked trucks, we can provide you with same-day furnace repair service. So your present problem will soon be a thing of the past.

  • Thorough

    Your trained furnace repair specialist will take their time to listen to your questions and concerns, investigate the problem, and find the best solution to repair your heating system—guaranteed.

  • Courteous

    From laying down a red carpet at the front door, to wearing floor protectors in your home, to cleaning up after ourselves, you can rest assured you’re in the hands of a professional heating repair technician.