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Need to Install a Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector?

We have a specialist for that.

Our specialists install:

  • Smoke-only detectors.

  • CO2 & smoke combination detectors.

Plus, all of our detectors come with 10-year batteries for maintenance-free alarms and a solid 1-year parts and labor warranty.

Get Service With Confidence

Convenient Financing Options To Suit Your Needs

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Customer Testimonial

"Courteous, knowledgable, and helpful."

I found Jay courteous, knowledgeable and helpful, and he did a splendid job of analyzing and fixing the smoke detectors.

Maria B.

Price: How much does it cost to install hard-wired smoke and CO2 detectors?

Installing hardwired smoke and CO2 detectors in the Denver area typically costs anywhere from $150 to $250 per unit. However, the only way we can give you an accurate price is through a free in-home estimate. The price varies based on these factors:

  1. The number of detectors you need installed: The more detectors you need to install in your home, the more the overall installation will cost. Not sure how many detectors you'll need? Well, in Denver, the number typically increases with each bedroom and floor in your home. For more information on how many detectors you'll need to install, contact us for an in-home consultation.

  2. The kind of detector you choose: The more advanced features your smoke and/or CO2 detector has, the more you'll pay for the overall installation. Some examples of more expensive technology available for today's detectors include "smart" detectors, voice alerts, and digital displays (CO2 detectors only).

  3. How difficult the installation is: High ceilings, needing to install a new circuit breaker to power the detectors, and cutting into drywall are just some examples of "difficulties" that can increase the overall installation cost.

  4. Want to save 15% on your repair?: Get up to 15% off repairs and other benefits by becoming a VIP Plan member.

  5. Financing available*: Tight budget? Fear not. We have flexible financing options.

Want to learn more about these cost factors? Just check out our in-depth blog, "How Much Does It Cost to Install Hardwired Smoke & CO2 Detectors?"

*With approved credit.