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2024 High School Scholarship Nominations Closed!

Plumbline Services believes in today's youth. Our Plumbline Gives Scholarships high school scholarship program is dedicated to honoring the students in our community that may go unnoticed. These are students who inspire others to be great, they lead by example, overcome challenges and serve others. These students must be nominated by others and there are no requirements for GPA or career choice.

The 2023 recipients were announced earlier this summer, and their stories are so special, we thought it important to share some here:

Mia: Mia wants to spend her life helping others. Her high school years have been consumed trying to balance time between the high academic standards at D’Evelyn Jr. – Sr. High School with volunteering in various capacities given over 600 hours outside of the classroom. Highlighted activities include playing violin and cello for end-of-life patients with Suncrest Hospice (now Bristol Hospice) during the pandemic. Establishing a not-for-profit called InstruMentors which comes alongside middle school music educators to offer band and orchestra one-on-one instruction in all instruments to struggling young musicians and instilling a love for music along the way.  

Alyssa: Through her involvement in school, Alyssa has enjoyed bringing her positive attributes to her community. Her mom works at a local elementary school where she can come in, not just for community service hours, but to work with kids and help the teachers throughout the day, which helps her look at what her job will be like in the future. It means a lot to Alyssa to contribute to her community, school, and her peers.

Amelia: Even in junior high, Amelia managed to organize a campaign called Spread the Word to End the Word. It was a campaign to educate her fellow students about the "R" word and have kids sign a pledge to remove that word from their slang vocabulary. It started when she noticed how hurtful it was for students with disabilities to hear the "R" word used so flippantly.

Alexis: Alexis has the drive to give back to his community and has already begun. As an elementary student, Alexis was connected with the Downtown Aurora Visual Arts (DAVA) non-profit program. They provided structured after-school and summer opportunities for him to gain skills and explore his creative side. Because of this program, Alexis is a young ‘renaissance man’ with skills as a musician, cook, and carpenter, and he knows circuitry. Over the years, he quickly turned his gratitude into service and worked as a mentor to younger kids in the program at DAVA.

Izellah: I would like to nominate Izzy who is an inspiration to many others. Izzy is the oldest in the family and struggled in school at a young age needing tutoring from 1st-3rd grade spending more than 60% of the time outside of the classroom. Even though the first year was a transition Izzy persevered and got through her three years of high school at a public school. I know these last three years were challenging but I believed in Izzy and pushed her to finish strong.