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Special Youth Challenge of Colorado: April 2018 

April 30, 2018

This month Plumbline Services chose to support Special Youth Challenge (SYC) Colorado.

"SYC helps diminish their handicap by empowering them to succeed."

Giving back is a part of our foundation at Plumbline Services. This month Plumbline Services supported a new organization! We chose to support Special Youth Challenge (SYC) Colorado. SYC is a non-profit faith-based organization that allows physically challenged youth in Colorado to experience the full hunting experience.

Many of the SYC families are unsure of how their child could participate in and enjoy hunting safely. This is where SYC Colorado steps in. SYC Colorado has volunteers who teach the youth and their families hunting safety. They also have developed custom equipment that makes the experience much easier and more enjoyable! Not only do the volunteers teach how to hunt, they also teach about the heritage of hunting and how they can be a part of the management of natural resources. 

SYC has four major events throughout the year; Spring turkey hunt, Summer fundraiser, Fall deer hunt and a Fall elk hunt for one lucky hunter!  SYC relies on donations, as donations enable SYC to provide these hunts at no cost to the families. They have amazing landlords who donate their lands for the hunts, but the other direct expenses need to be covered by donations. These expenses include food, lodging, clothing, equipment, license fees and more. Plumbline Services is so pleased to be able to help this great organization with its cause! 

DCHS Huskie Baseball: March 2018 

March 30, 2018 

Plumbline Services puts a big emphasis on giving back, especially to the youth and families in the Denver Metro area. It is a privilege to help the lift some of the financial burden carried by the DCHS Huskie Baseball program and its team members. 

Plumbline Services loves giving back to the youth of our community, as today’s youth are the key to our future. Extra-curricular activities are extremely important. Whether those activities are sports, clubs, musicals or anything else, they provide a fun, yet educational experience for the kids to interact with other people their own age. 

Unfortunately, many of these extra-curricular activities are expensive and the schools cannot afford to supply their teams and clubs with uniforms and other necessities. This often puts the burden on the families of the individuals on the teams. To help reduce the financial strain, the Douglas County High School Baseball team began a banner fundraising program. This program supports both the players and the booster club. The money they raise helps provide upkeep to their field and their uniforms. 

Plumbline Services has been proudly supporting the DCHS Huskie Baseball program through their banner program for many years. You will once again see our banner displayed in the outfield, but that’s not the only place you’ll be able to see our logo! This year our logo will be displayed by the concessions and on their website, too. 

We are honored to help relieve some of that financial stress and we wish them luck in their 2018 season! Go Huskies!