Brother Down: August 2018


August 31, 2018

Brother Down – 2017 Christmas On Us Recipient Theresa & Dean Rice      

Everyone has experienced some kind of loss in their lives. Theresa and Dean started Brother Down at the end of 2015 after their family suffered the unbearable tragedy of losing a family member to an unfortunate motorcycle accident. Dean thought, “there had to be more than just moving on with our lives.” 


We are excited to announce that we supported a new organization this month. It is an organization that Plumbline Services has a special connection with. Brother Down was started by one of our 2017 Christmas On Us ExtraordinAIRy Treasure recipients.

Thus, came Brother Down. Brother Down is an organization that helps fill the void that losing someone special creates. They create personalized items that help families remember their loved ones. Every item that is purchased helps the organization make a difference in the community. Brother Down has participated in many different events and fundraisers over the last 3 years. They’ve helped raise money for individuals who have suffered different types of loss. Brother Down has people who were injured leaving them unable to work and support their families, people who have lost loved ones unexpectedly and more. We started our Christmas On Us ExtraordinAIRy Treasures giveaway 3 years ago, not to just support them in that season, but also to support the organizations that are near and dear to their hearts. It’s great to get the chance to continue to support our ExtraordinAIRy Treasures.