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You are in northern Colorado. Click here to go to our Metro Denver site. 

You are in northern Colorado. Click here to go to our Metro Denver site. 

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Our Electricians Are Available 24/7 For Your Home

When it comes to electrical services, you deserve professionals who treat your Greeley residence with the same level of care and dedication as if it were their own. Whether you need immediate repairs, want to install a generator, add new outlets, enhance your outdoor lighting, or upgrade an outdated electrical setup, rest assured that our team of experienced electricians is available around the clock to get the job done right.

Our Comprehensive Electrical Services

We're dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction, offering tailored electrical services for the Greeley community. Our services include:

  • Urgent Electrical Repairs: Available 24/7 for immediate needs.

  • Electrical Panel Repair and Installation: Ensuring your panel meets current and future requirements.

  • Thorough Electrical Safety Evaluations: Comprehensive assessments to keep your home safe and up to code.

  • Custom Electrical Wiring: Installation of new wiring for personalized power needs.

  • Electrical Replacements: Replacement of outlets, switches, fixtures, and more.

  • Generator Installations and Repairs: Custom installations to meet your home's requirements.

  • Indoor Lighting and Ceiling Fan Installations: Brighten up your spaces with new lighting and fans.

  • Landscape Lighting Installations: Elevate your outdoor areas with weather-resistant lighting.

  • VIP Plan: Ensure ongoing safety and convenience with preventative maintenance.

  • Warranties and Flexible Financing Options: Choose from our warranties and financing plans.

  • Troubleshooting and Repairs: Reach out for any electrical issue or unusual spike in your bill.

  • Whole-Home Surge Protectors: Protect your residence from voltage surges during inclement weather.

Backup Generators in Greeley

We can assist you in choosing the ideal generator for your electrical system to prevent power outages in Greeley's ever-changing weather. From selecting the right generator to installation and maintenance, we've got you covered. 

Learn more about our whole-home generator installation process.

Elevate Your Home With Landscape Lighting

Looking to add extra ambiance to your backyard? Our expert team can also assist you in designing the ideal outdoor lighting scheme. Beyond enhancing your curb appeal, our goal is to transform your Greeley backyard with a captivating ambiance for leisure and social gatherings.

Our electricians will work with you to create a customized blueprint that meets your requirements and preferences. Count on our experts for aesthetically pleasing lighting suggestions.

Get ready to impress your guests with beautifully illuminated outdoor spaces that will leave a lasting impression!

Call an Expert Electrician in Greeley, CO

While the idea of tackling DIY electrical work might be tempting, it's essential to consider the potential risks involved. Your well-being and peace of mind matter to us, and the dangers of electric shock or fire hazards can pose a risk to you and your loved ones.

That's why our professional electricians are committed to keeping you safe, ensuring a job that's not just done but done with excellence—your peace of mind is our priority.

Book service with skilled electrician today!