Jon H.

Vice President | Operations Management and Support Team

Jon loves the serenity of the mountains, the exhilaration of skiing, Nerf wars, direct communication and numbers that add up, but above all else, he loves his wife. Jon’s proudest moment was the day he married Betsy in August of 2000. Earlier that year, he joined Plumbline Services. Not long after getting his foot in the door, Jon started his ascent to his current role, as well as becoming one of the owners. He has enjoyed every minute of working at Plumbline over the years. Having always appreciated the way the company “really looks after, not only its clients but goes above and beyond to make sure our employees are taken care of,” Jon carries on that legacy. One that involves a tradition of being “very understanding and supportive.” This makes a statement he made about his predecessor’s leadership, “The ownership of Plumbline Services has the strongest integrity and ethics of any company that I have ever been associated with; I am blessed to continue to have the opportunity to grow and work with this company,” timeless

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