Plumbline Employees Volunteer at Café 180

November 22, 2019

Plumbline believes that simple acts of service can make all of the difference in our own community. That’s why we’re proud of the employees who have volunteered at an incredible community project, Café 180.

Café 180 provides delicious meals to those in need in exchange for time and services. Instead of having to pay, people can learn to cook in a full-service kitchen, prepare food, and train in customer service and leadership roles.

“Our story starts in 2010 when our founders saw the issue of food insecurity in our Englewood neighborhood. They opened CAFE 180 with the mission of feeding everyone. Those who can pay, pay. Those who can’t pay give of their time in exchange for lunch, which on an average week amounts to 30-40 percent of our customers. Since we started, we’ve served more than 33,000 meals in this dignified exchange.”

Check out the photos of our staff volunteering at Café 180 below. If you would like to join in on the fun and help to better our community, click here to sign up for volunteering

Two Plumbline employees volunteering at Café 180 .