Littleton Firefighters Foundation: January 2018

January 31, 2018

Giving back to the community is a part of Plumbline Services foundation. We are so grateful for the support of our community and we like to take advantage of every opportunity to give back. We know we aren’t the only people who feel this way, so helping those who share this ideal is extremely important to us.

The Littleton Firefighters Foundation is just one of those charitable organizations. This foundation was founded in January of 2000. They give to many local charities and charitable events. A few of these include Western Week Children’s Parade, Littleton Meals on Wheels and the Battered Women Shelter. Not only does the foundation help these types of charities, but they also support individuals. If a firefighter is unable to work,  whether it is due to illness or injury, the foundation will help take care of them and their families. While working the Littleton Firefighters often come across families who could use help. The foundation has a program where the family  can request assistance from the Littleton Firefighters Foundation. Each year, they have a “Face Off Challenge Hockey Tournament” and a “Chili Cook Off”. These fundraisers help raise money for people in need. Each year the support and engagement in these events has doubled.

We truly admire everything that the local firefighters and the Littleton Firefighter’s Foundation do for the community. They dedicate their entire lives to serving and bettering the community. These men and women are true heroes for risking their lives and spending their free time to help those around them. We are honored to be able to help them with their mission.