Christmas On Us: December 2018

January 02, 2019

To end the year, Plumbline Services hosted their 4th annual Christmas On Us giveaway! Christmas On Us is one part of our two-part ExtraordinAIRy Treasures program, our High School Senior Scholarship in the Spring being the second part. The extraordinary treasures are individuals who inspire other to greatness, whether that be through leading by example, overcoming challenges, serving others or being determined to better themselves and others. These individuals often go unnoticed and it is our goal to shine a spotlight on their great characteristics.

We are very excited to introduce you to each one of our 10 ExtraordinAIRy Treasures.

Kimberly A

Kimberly is a single mother who works full time as the office manager at Hearts & Horses, a non-profit in Northern Colorado. In her free time, Kimberly and her children volunteer in a myriad of ways. They volunteer at Celebrate Recovery, ARC of Larimer County, Salvation Army, haunted houses, and more! “She will drop everything to help someone who is having a tough day and needs a little extra help.” – Emmy, co-worker.

Nicole J

Nicole is a single mother, works full time and tutors underprivileged children in the evenings. While she struggles financially sometimes, Nicole still finds ways to give cloths, gift cards and other basics to the kids she tutors and their siblings. “She would give anyone the shirt off her back if they needed it.” – Jaci, mother of tutee.

Dwayne A

Dwayne is a disabled veteran whose disabilities are slowly paralyzing his upper body. However, that hasn’t slowed him down. Dwayne does everything and anything he can do to help others; getting items on the top shelf, providing meals to the homeless, offering rides to the doctor or to run errands, and much more! He also gave out 50 snow globes on Halloween to children for the best costumes. “He is an exceptional human being with a heart made of gold who would give his clothes off his back, or shoes off his feet (both of which he has done several times) if it meant helping another person.” – Alan, husband

Jacquie C

Jacquie is a retired teach who impacted multiple communities for over 37 years. She would still be teaching if it wasn’t for the diagnosis of her rare cancer. Although the diagnosis lead to her retirement, Jacquie continues to tutor almost 40 students! On top of that, she also volunteers at her church, MOPS (Mother of Pre-Schoolers), makes and sends homemade cards, and mentors new teachers. “I am in awe of how much kindness, compassion, and love she shows to all. She deserves for someone else to take care of her and love on her.” – Jennifer, daughter

Christy E

Christy is a phenomenal cook who is always willing to make meals, snacks and desserts for anyone who may need it; families, parties, youth groups, etc. She also regularly partakes in the Light the World campaign which consists of daily service for an entire month. Christy and her family participates in regular fellowship with the elderly, often inviting ones who are alone to join them for dinner or offer rides when needed. “I can’t say enough about all the service the Eatons participate in and I can’t imagine anyone more deserving of being recognized for her service than Christy.” – Madelynne, best friend

Nina C

Nina’s life was turned upside down recently when she was granted full custody of her son and stepchildren, becoming a family of 7. Nina instantly made the commitment to keep each one safe and to always be there for them. “Nina has shown the children countless times her love, patience, compassion, and unwavering commitment.” – Penny, Case Coordinator

Lori W

Lori is extremely passionate for the welfare of the elderly. She’s always wanting to help ensure they have their basic needs met, both nutritionally and mobility. Lori has been a selfless encourager, an advocate, and a champion for countless seniors. “Lori has a compassionate spirit and has passionately devoted her life to improving the circumstances of older adults.” – Larry, friend

Akira W

Our youngest recipient this year is 10 years old, Akira! Akira has gone through more than any 10 years old should have to, but that hasn’t changed her beautiful, giving personality. She has helped feed homeless teenagers, made care bags for the homeless, purchased gifts for other kids on the Giving Tree, helped elderly Alzheimer patients with art projects, she makes bracelets for to raise money for wounded police officers and list goes on and on.

“Akira has not lost her giving spirit despite what she personally has lost. She still believes in giving and does not even need to be prompted.” – Janie

 Kristen C and family

Kristen’s husband, Greg was the principal of a local Littleton school for many years. In 2016 their family made the decision to move to Liberia, Africa for 2 years. There they ran a small orphanage and school continuing to show their care and concern they showed here. They’ve recently returned with that same mindset, excited to share their experiences with our community.

“No doubt they will continue to bless families here with the same care, concern, and compassion.” – Angie

 Casey B

Casey has served as the PTA President at her children’s charter school, going beyond the call of duty all for the betterment of the students and the school. Casey also volunteers at her local church as a teacher and helps pull off fundraising events.

“I admire Casey’s tenacity, organized skill set, and relentless desire to serve others.” – Marissa

All of these individuals and their families are exceptional people and we are to grateful to have the opportunity to celebrate them!