Christmas On Us: December 2017

December 31, 2017

This December, we were able to give 11 deserving families a “Christmas On Us”. The holiday season can be financially stressful for many and it was our pleasure to lessen that burden for these ExtraordinAIRy Treasures! However, the true honor was getting to meet these families and see their truly amazing hearts.

Our 2017 “Christmas On Us” recipients are, without a doubt, ExtraordinAIRy Treasures to our community. We appreciate everything that they do!

Kathy G – Kathy has organized and supervised weekly meals for the homeless at a shelter in Downtown Denver, St. Paul’s, for the past 20 years. While the meals take place on Monday evenings, she works up to 20 hours throughout the week picking up the supplies needed to serve over 200 meals. Around this time, she also organizes toy drives for children in need and helps provide meals, toys and gift bags!

Lori M – Lori and her husband, James, have been foster parents for over 15 years. They take the medically fragile babies and toddlers and give them the extra attention, love and support they need until their parents are able to get them back or until a loving family is found to adopt them. They have had over 50 babies over the last 15 years and Lori can tell you about every single one!

Derek S – Derek is a high school teacher who has made a huge impact on his students. Such an impact that one of his current students thought of him and nominated him for this award! Derek left his high paying job to become a teacher simply because he wanted to share his knowledge with the next generation so they could go out and change the world. He is extremely involved in the robotics club at the high school and has helped lead the students in their understanding of robots!

Shannon B – About 9 months ago, Shannon and her husband were raising their 2 kids, living a normal life. One day, their niece and nephews showed up on their door step needing a place to live. They immediately took them in and loved and cared for them as their own and have been doing so ever since!

Deanna M – Deanna has not had an easy few years. However, that has never stopped her from giving back whenever she can. While out eating, if Deanna sees any Military personnel she will, without hesitation, pay for their meal. She loves to help fill boxes at the Byers, Colorado Post and participates in Operation Child at her church. She also loves to lend a helping hand to her neighbors, baking for bake sales or even purchasing a new development flag for a friend when hers was stolen. The list goes on and on with small gestures that Deanna does for others!

Samantha J – Samantha has always had a giving heart. This was made even more apparent, when her youngest son was diagnosed with a congenital heart defect (CHD). Samantha has remained strong for her family and has become a confidant and role model for the local CHD parent support group. She resigned from her job to take care of her son and she also loves to host all of the neighborhood kids for crafts and snacks whenever she can!

Beckie & Jay K – The Kimball family plays a positive and active role in the lives of several children at Sheridan High School, including their son. Jay Kimball is a volunteer football coach, while Beckie gathers, washes and organizes the team’s uniforms every week. When they became aware that a few of their son’s teammates could not afford the required mouth guards to play, Jay took his speaker systems to a pawn shop to get the funds to purchase the mouth guards for them. Every day they feed at least 4 extra teenagers and go above and beyond to ensure these children have everything they need.

Theresa R – Theresa and her husband started a company called Brother Down this past March. Brother Down helps other families dealing with tragedy in hopes of helping them find healthy ways to get past their tragedy. They also fundraise and bring awareness to other causes like the Texas floods, veterans and other families in need.

Angela D – Angela is a single mother who works and goes to school full time. Even with her, and her daughter’s, busy schedule Angela still finds time to give back to the community. She visits retirement homes, takes pictures and prints them out for families to have Christmas cards and if she sees any homeless people she will always give them something, whether that’s food or an extra piece of clothing.

Delia H – Delia and her family spend most of their free time working tirelessly to support their community in many different ways. They shaved themselves bald while raising money for cancer. They collected sanitary pads, tampons and new underwear for women’s shelters. They collected and distributed cold-weather clothing for the homeless in Denver and the list goes on and on!

Jose G – Jose and his wife started a community outreach for at-risk youth with the purpose to help teens stay away from drugs, gangs and help with suicide prevention. Two years ago, they had 3 teens and now they are up to 25-30 teens! We had a great time getting to know this year’s recipients. Check out our recap video below to see the amazing night!