$5,000 ExtraordinAIRy Scholarships for 5 High School Graduates: June 2017

June 30, 2017

The ExtraordinAIRy Treasures program recognizes individuals who may otherwise go unnoticed. Many times, scholarships are given to students who are the top of their class in academics or are incredible at their sport. We love these scholarships but we know there are so many other students out there who are deserving of recognition in other ways. That is why the ExtraordinAIRy Treasures program honors individuals who aspire to greatness in everything they do, whether that is serving others, bettering themselves or overcoming challenges. This is our second year of offering this scholarship and it was a complete success. We received over 120 nominations from the Denver community, which made the decision-making process pretty difficult! Thankfully, we had a great team of employees to help us along the way.

After our team read through all the nominations and narrowed them down to the top ten. The top ten was then narrowed down, by our managers, to the five ExtraordinAIRy Treasures who received the scholarships.

There are so many reasons why we choose who we choose, but here is a short description of each of the winners.

- Clarissa has a special love and affection for children. This has provided motivation for many of the ways she has served and given to others.

- His (Brenden) high level of commitment and extraordinary character is unusual in today’s youth culture.

- Amanda finds creative, positive ways to work through and around the challenges presented; and she does it with a smile and encouraging word for her neighbor.

- Willie has been an exemplary leader who has organized and severed alongside others at numerous community service projects and outreaches.

- While kindness and compassion are the characteristics some would mention first in regards to Abbie, others, especially her coaches and teammates, are likely to mention her grit and perseverance - especially in the face of a challenge.

At the end of last month, we invited each of the recipients and their families to our office to celebrate their accomplishments. We were honored to share a meal with them and get to know them even better. This is such an inspiring group of people and we can’t wait to see what they do next!