Winter Advice in Summer – What to do when my pipes burst and how to prevent it!

If you lived in Florida or southern California, you wouldn’t need to read this post about frozen pipes. But you live in Denver, a high-altitude city in a temperate climate which experiences many days of below-freezing temperatures each year. The water pipes in your house might not be one of its features that you see often, but if they freeze and burst during the winter, you will most likely end up with a few inches of very cold water in your home.

Don’t worry; your Denver plumber hasn’t lost his mind! We are well aware that we’re currently in the hottest part of the year, and frozen pipes are far from the minds of most people. But if you suspect that your pipes are worn out, overworked, and in danger of bursting this winter, now is the time to act. Have one of our licensed, trained professionals inspect your pipes and get them ready for every season of the year.

Keeping the Pipes Warm

The most general and effective tip for preventing frozen pipes is to make sure they are adequately insulated. If your crawl space is very cold, it doesn’t matter how warm the house above it is any pipes in the crawl space are in danger of dropping below that critical level of 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

Leave the Furnace On

Going on vacation seems like a great opportunity to save on heating costs by turning the heat off in the house. But that plan will backfire if your water pipes freeze and burst while you’re gone! The freezing of water is such a powerful force of nature that most metal pipes can’t contain it for long. And once a pipe begins to leak, water will continue to flow into the crack (once the ice thaws out, of course) and flood the surrounding area. Leave your furnace running at least enough to keep the walls and basement/crawl space warm enough for pipe safety.

A Trickle of Water

Homeowners have been leaving their drains dripping (on purpose) overnight for decades. This approach really does prevent freezing, by keeping water moving constantly. For best results, use an upstairs faucet so that all the pipes below it will stay clear.

Responding to Emergency

Looking ahead to the winter that every Denver plumber knows will come sooner than we expect: If you find yourself faced with a burst pipe emergency, there are a few calls that should be first on your list:

● 911. Standing water in a home is very dangerous; it can cause electrocution if electronic appliances come in contact with it. Trust the emergency response experts to make your house safe for repairmen.
● Plumbline Services at 303-436-2525 . Even a catastrophe on Thanksgiving or Christmas Day doesn’t have to wait until the next day for attention by an expert Denver plumber. Our immediate response and skillful repair have gained us a 5-star rating on Google. When you have a frozen pipe disaster, get the help of the best—call us right away!

Our expert advice will help you prevent frozen pipes this winter—call us at 303-436-2525 to find out how.

In an emergency, our priority is speed to mitigate the damage to your home.

Join our satisfied customers today and find out why our reputation is comforting to so many in the Denver area.

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