How to Fix a Leaky Pipe: Do-It-Yourself

Temporarily Fix a Leaky Pipe

If you find yourself in an emergency situation with a leaky pipe, and need a quick, temporary fix, there are several options. First, it is important to immediately go to the water valve and turn it off, this way there will be no water supply flowing to the leak. Now that you have bought yourself some time, call a professional plumber. Once you get your plumber scheduled, you can temporarily fix the leak, so that you can turn your water back on. First, you must figure out where the leak is coming from – find out if it is a small pinhole, or if the entire pipe has split. If it’s a run of copper, here are a few simple do it yourself solutions:

Place a pencil point in the hole and break the pencil off. Then take electrician’s tape and wrap the pipe. Take plumber’s epoxy repair putty and spread it over the tape to ensure it doesn’t leak. Let it set for about 30 minutes before turning the water back on.

Take a piece of rubber (such as an old inner tube), and wrap it around the pipe covering the hole. Then take a C clamp and some small blocks of wood, and clamp the rubber into place. If you have hose clamps, these can also be used around the rubber covering the hole.

Take your old garden hose, and cut a piece long enough to cover the hole, with an extra few inches on either side. Again, use hose clamps or C clamps to hold the hose in place around the pipe.

It is important to remember these are only temporary repairs, and that they should not take the place of a professional plumber doing a permanent repair on the pipe.

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