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Bio Clean Drain Cleaner

Plumbline distributes Bio-Clean in Denver, an eco-friendly drain cleaner safe for use with septic tanks and aerobic systems. The all natural bacteria in BIO-CLEAN will eat organic sludge that may be clogging your drain pipes and will help in the consumption of biodegradable solids in septic tanks and aerobic treatment systems, and there are no harmful chemicals or fumes. Here are a few FAQs we get from time to time; if you don’t see your question here call us and we’ll tell you if BIO-CLEAN is right for your situation.

Q. Is a small amount of BIO-CLEAN effective? Yes: there are millions of bacteria in every spoonful, and just one spoonful will eat its weight of waste every 60 seconds, and they’ll double in number every ½ hour, and they’ll multiply as it spreads through drain system

Q. Will BIO-CLEAN work on clogs? BIO-CLEAN works on all biodegradable material in drains, and sewers, but the problem in most clogged pipes is several feet long, and it may take a few days for the bacteria to eat through long blockage like this. The best way to get your drains working again is to use a mechanical snake to restore the flow, and then the BIO-CLEAN will begin to remove any remaining waste or junk, and if you continue with regular treatments of BIO-CLEAN this will prevent new build-up in the future.

Q. Can the toilet be flushed after pouring BIO-CLEAN into the bowl? No, you should wait around 6 to 8 hours.

Q. Are chemical drain cleaners stronger than BIO-CLEAN? No, Gravity makes chemical drain cleaners run along the bottom. The good bacteria in BIO-CLEAN are live and will go anywhere there is food, even climbing vertical pipes.

Q. Can BIO-CLEAN help our septic system? Yes, the bacteria in BIO-CLEAN digest a larger variety of waste, and metabolize it faster than naturally occurring bacteria. Oils, fats, grease and paper are very difficult and BIO-CLEAN works very well on these. Up-Date: February 14th Don’t add BIO-CLEAN to your Septic System without testing your Septic System first. Please call us anytime at 303-436-2525 and we’ll answer any questions.

Q. Do garbage disposals or dishwashers affect my septic system? Yes, Without BIO-CLEAN treatments, faster accumulations of solids in your septic tank will occur.

Q. Will BIO-CLEAN help stop odors and gas smells? Yes, BIO-CLEAN will digest the waste which is the source of all odors.

Q. Will BIO-CLEAN digest hair? Yes, but hair takes longer than any other organic material. BIO-CLEAN will digest soap scum, skin oils, and many other materials.

Q. What is the shelf life of BIO-CLEAN? It will easily last two years if kept dry at normal temperature in your home.

Q. Will BIO-CLEAN harm the environment? BIO-CLEAN does not hurt the environment, it actually recycles organic waste back to plant food, and will not hurt your pets.

These are some of these most common questions we get about BIO-CLEAN if you have any other questions call us here at Plumbline Services in Denver anytime, or ask one our plumbers in Denver when they’re at your home.

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