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Swamp Cooler Service


Denver Swamp Cooler Installation and Repair

swamp cooler repair denverSwamp Coolers are very popular in Denver; our air is dry enough for them
to be a very effective and economical way of cooling the air in your home. Swamp coolers cool the air by the use of water evaporation and fans to move the air through your home. A swamp cooler works by the air outside your home moving over moist pads and by the evaporation of the water being circulated through your home by the fans. In dryer climates a swamp cooler needs to be given quite a bit of water to keep the pads moist and the air cool. Swamp coolers can easily lower the temperature of the air by 30 degrees or more after it enters your home.

A Swamp cooler in Denver only works well when the air is dry and hot. If we are having more humid weather the air will not be as cool therefore effecting the cooling power of your swamp cooler. You may need alternate systems to cool your home if you really like low temperatures indoors.

Swamp coolers use about a fourth of the electricity that conventional air conditioning systems use, and they don’t use any refrigerants that can damage the Ozone layer. This makes them extremely cost effective and Green.

Swamp coolers usually use pads of wood shavings from aspen trees to retain moisture that will need to be replaced every couple of years.  These pads use a float valve to control the amount of water that gets added to the sump in the swamp cooler. The sump retains the water until your swamp cooler is ready to use it. A swamp cooler will use around 3 to 15 gallons of water a day so the float valve may need to be replaced as time goes by.

Swamp coolers can be used to cool your entire house or just one area of your home if you like. We have small swamp coolers that can be installed in a window and will blow cool air into just one room of your home.

Plumbline Services in Denver will repair any existing swamp coolers that you may have, and will give you a good idea as to which type of air cooler system is best for your individual needs. Call us at 303-436-2525 and we’ll inspect your home to see if a swamp cooler will work well for you.

Plumbline Services is proud to provide the finest Evaporative Cooler (Swamp Cooler) in America, the Phoenix Manufacturing Inc. (PMI) cooling products for residential, commercial uses. PMI swamp coolers are the finest air cooling products anywhere and the Pro Series from AeroCool, with the Pro-Stat programmable thermostat will give you the best evaporative cooling comfort you can find.

Swamp Cooler Thermostat The Pro-Stat is the swamp cooler’s brain, and will save you money by putting out just the right amount of cool air in your home. This is the finest thermostat available anywhere for a swamp cooler. Call us and we’ll explain how this can make owning and using a swamp cooler in your home extremely easy.

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